Once upon a time, a yoga enthusiast, a VW Beetle mama, and a Pita Pit icon walked into a recording booth... 

Riley, Alexandra, and Josh met in undergrad while pursuing degrees in various aspects of theatre. A Little Byte was born after goofing around in a sound booth recording a "pre-show announcement" for a play. Josh was the man behind the glass. Apparently, the two divas were captivating - poise, wit, grit, they had it ALL - and Josh pitched the idea of a podcast to someone who could guide the project in its early days. That was Season 1. Now, they're back and SO ready to talk about everything and nothing at all! 

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Meet The Team


Riley Sigler

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I'm originally from Torrance, California, but decided to pursue my BFA in Acting in the midwest at Ball State University. I am currently a senior, and after I graduate I plan to pursue both stage and film acting (after traveling a bit). I am also an avid Yogi and lover of the outdoors. I usually keep myself quite busy, but in precious moments of free time you'll probably find me crocheting a wacky hat with a cat in my lap.


Alexandra Chopson

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I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but I didn’t own a pair of cowboy boots until I worked in California... Irony abounds. Though I'm currently based in Chicago, I’ll still occasionally let the drawl slip with a “bless her heart” or “I’ll be darned.” I studied acting in undergrad and plan to pursue a career on the stage and screen. Singing and songwriting are also integral to my artistic and expressive being. I’ve been a dedicated journalist (the kind you hide under the bed) for most of my life, and I enjoy memoirs, white wine, and Schitt’s Creek. 


Josh Brinkman

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I'm a senior sound design major at Ball State University. In undergrad, I've designed shows including The Children's Hour and The Tenants; however, my engineering work began years ago, managing the microphones for musicals. Professionally, I've worked with the Idaho Shakespeare Festival on a number of projects. ALB is my first foray into podcast editing and recording, but I've recently begun similar projects, such as The Third Turn podcast.