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New Episode: Jonathan Kipp Becker


Jonathan Kipp Becker is an internationally known “artist multiforme.”

As a performer he has worked throughout Europe, Asia and North America. He has appeared as an actor in programs with most of the major symphony orchestras in the U.S. and Canada, performing is such venues as Lincoln Center. Since 1988, Jonathan has helped in the development of 16 original works for theatre. He co-founded and as Co-Artistic Director of two theatre companies: Les Senokrates in Luzern Switzerland and The Broduer Brothers in Paris, France.

His work as a teaching artist includes invitations from 34 institutions in six countries.

As owner/operator and maker at, a full service production shop, Jonathan creates masks for the international theatre community. His current clients include educational institutions, professional theatres and individual artists in 50 countries.

Jonathan was recently awarded a Meritorious Achievement Award by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for his mask designs associated with a new translation of Hecuba presented at the University of Colorado. He is considered a master mask maker by performers, artists and teachers worldwide.

Jonathan’s work has been featured in galleries throughout the United States and he was awarded the first annual mayors arts award in Muncie, Indiana where he lived and worked from 2005 – 2020.

Jonathan is currently expanding his studio practice to focus more on gallery oriented and decorative works.

Artist Statement

My work is a constant search to define a culture, a mythic space and a clear origin of being. I am often asked to define my process or to answer how I solve creative problems. The process is different every time I begin. I thrive among the unknown, indefinable, and the unanswerable question. I am not a fan of rules and believe that nothing is impossible.

Every aspect of my work is story… my story… the story of another… universal story. Sculpture is a living moment captured in stillness. It is the moment before and the implications of the moments to come.

Performance is the celebration of idiocy and foolishness. My life would be a terrible waste of material without this sharing. Everything in life is music, movement and a planting of seeds for the future.

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